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With more than 15 years, of working in digital media and freelance video production, I can help take your video project to the next level. Produce high-quality content for your marketing needs, website, or advertisement. I make it easy to bring your vision to life so it can be shared with the world. 


Grab the attention of your audience with the use of cinematic visual mediums. No matter the size and scope of your project we can help you along the way.

Video Production Services

  • Scriptwriting

  • Creative development

  • Storyboarding

  • 4k video shoots

  • Video editing

  • Audio editing

Promotional Videos

  • Trade show videos

  • Fundraising videos

  • Hotel lobby videos

  • Office reception videos

  • Public service announcements

  • Product Videos

Instructional Videos

  • New product introduction videos

  • Employee Training 

  • How-to training videos

Commercial Production

  • Single commercials

  • Multiple ad series

  • Agency commercials

  • Recruitment Videos

  • YouTube Ads

Real Estate Videos

  • Resdiental Property Listing 

  • Commercial Listings 

  • Realtor Profile Spotlight 

  • Aeriel Photos and Video 

  • Walkthrough Videos 

Business Featurettes

  • Branding videos

  • Employee communication videos

  • Small business profile videos

  • Corporate mission/values videos

  • Leadership meeting videos

  • HR training videos


Businesses today need to have a strong online presence to bring in new customers and to keep them informed. 

Website Design

  • Refresh

  • Updates 

  • Copywriting 

  • Photos & Video Content

  • Optimized SEO 

Online Restaurants

  • 3rd Party Delivery integration

  • Direct online ordering 

  • Food Photography

Online Community Building

  • Setup Social Media accounts

  • Schedule Posts 

  • Track analytics

  • Reply to fan engagement  

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